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An analysis of the ecosystem between plant and soil biology

​The Vanhoof test is something like a system analysis of the symbiosis between plant and soil biology. Some aspects we can just see with the naked eye, others are made visible by the microbial test or a chemical analysis. In our approach both points of view are important to make the picture complete.

  • Own measurements in (mobile) lab

    • physical condition of the soil (pH, redox potential, EC)

    • how many nutrients are available immediately without soil biology (mineral salts)

    • witch part of them could quickly leach out

    • how does the decay of organic material take place: through rotting or aerobic decay, with a mineralisation or fixation?

    • how reacts symbiotic microbes in the rhizosphere to root exudates? How many nutrients do they deliver to the plant?

    • respiration of soil biology, which fertilizes the crop with CO2

    • is there a chance/risk of denitrification / nitrification, nitrogen fixation, humus build-up / oxidation / reduction...

  • Own observations on the plot

    • the soil profile to a depth of at least 40 cm

    • the soil as a house for biology: structure, moisture status, soil compaction

    • how does the crop feel on the plot? rooting depth, crop condition

  • Additional data from other analyses

    • chemical analysis shows which and how many minerals are present

    • plant juice measurements/feed analyses show what has really been taken up by the crop

If you are interested in having a Vanhoof test performed, please contact Peter by mail:, phone/whatsapp: 0048 513 776 441 or via the contact form.

For realizing the Vanhoof-test, we cooperate with  partners in Holland and Germany. When Peter is abroad, you can take a soil sample yourself and send it to these partners. This video shows you how to take and send the soil samples. We will publish an English version soon.

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